Surprise holiday to the totally tropical Fiji Islands

Food from FLossieBula…wow it’s been a while, I got a little distracted by Christmas then we road tripped up to Kaiteriteri next to the Abel Tasman National Park for a week with a bunch of friends which was awesome, apart from the fact that the boys decided to wear speedos for the entire holiday, I spent the whole time trying not to look but somehow the offensiveness draws your attention and then you look like a perve. For New years we planned to hike into the Abel Tasman to stay at a friends Bach but woke up to the most insane wind and rain storm. Most of the ferries where cancelled and one had to turn back half way which was apparently the first time he had turned back ever after probably hundreds of trips. We managed to persuade the ferry company to take us in since we were a big group and off we went looking totally ridiculous in our home made bin liner waterproofs and sun hats that kept flying off. We crashed through the sea, no one was sick which was pretty impressive and then we landed at Anchorage Bay. From there we hiked in the rain for a couple of hours until we got to Torrent Bay and then as we got the the Bach the clouds parted and the sun came out…queue one spectaluar rainbow and then it was party time! And as if that wasn’t good enough on New Years day a family in the bay put on the most insane fireworks display I have ever seen, it lasted half an hour and was bond film worthy. I thoroughly enjoyed the ending too when we all realised that the barge the fireworks where set off from was on fire….oh the excitement.


Just a glimpse of New Years

After that we headed to Wellington for 2 nights which was dangerous…they have pretty amazing shopping there and such awesome restaurants. From there we were heading off for a week to a surprise location….man my boyfriend is a good one! So he got me to Aukland airport and I still had no idea where we were off too, only that I basically just needed a bikini. He almost got me onto the flight without me finding out but they needed to have me at the passport desk so then I found out that we were heading to FIJI!!!! Lots of high pitched excitement and hula dances followed until we landed in the tropical island.

Fiji beach

food from flossie

food from flossie

We stayed near Nadi on the mainland for a couple of days which was absolutely boiling and adventured around and found the most amazing food market in Lautoka that was just loaded with amazing fruits, spices and veggies, it was damn frustrating though because we didn’t have a kitchen and all I wanted to do was cook up everything. I did go a little crazy at the spice stall though and buy a whole load of indian spices in the hope I could get them past customs.

food from flossie

food from flossie

food from flossie

food from flossie

food from flossie

We then headed to Mantaray island in the Yasawas for the rest of the week to hang out on the beach and the boys wanted to go diving. I’m getting better at swimming in the sea these days, but I still get freaked out snorkelling that a shark or eel is going to sneak up and bite me. So the first time we snorkelled on the reef I was like a limpet attached to Jase and holding his hand, arm, leg pretty much whatever I could get my hands on and then I relaxed a bit and got over excited by all the disco fish in the incredible reef. I was then persuaded/forcefully booked onto a dive the next morning which I was just a little bit nervous about, especially with all the shark chat I kept hearing. Anyway we got to hold hands with Seta our instructor and just float about breathing and it was awesome, so many amazing fish and I loved it. So I by accident ended up doing my dive certificate which meant 3 dives on day one, then 2 the next day and then 1 just before we jumped on the ferry back. It was hardcore and in 4 out of the 6 dives we saw sharks and I didn’t even have a panic attack, oh and we dived through caves….I can’t tell you I’m changed woman! The coolest thing we saw was an octopus which was like a chameleon and kept changing colour and shape as it moved, the funny thing is that we were all huddled around watching it closely and not paying the slightest bit of notice that 3 reef sharks were circling us.

food from flossie

food from flossie

food from flossie

Such an amazing holiday, the food was delicious too, loads of curries indian and asian inspired. And the fresh fruit…stop it, so good, I probably ate a pineapple and 3 mangos a day easily. Oh and the Fijian people!! Absolutely hands down the friendliest people on the planet…so smiley and everyone waves and shouts Bula (Hello and welcome in Fijian as well as wishing you happiness and good health)

food from flossie

We are back and missing holiday time but it’s always a good sign when driving home and you see the beautiful Lake Wanaka and realise where we live is not too shabby at all.

New Zealand trip Part 2 and some exciting news!


So the last little mission we went on was to Motatapu gorge which was so freaking cool, just a little walk down from the road there is a little gorge with totally clear blue water which I’m not going to lie was pretty freezing but it was hot outside. So we did bombs and hung out on the rocks in the sun while getting munched by sand flies, then hot tubbed it back at the flat we’ve been staying in.
That night we had reels practice for the wedding which was the most ridiculously fun/exhausting/clumsy mess ever! I can’t believe I have never done it before, I also can’t believe no one broke an arm or leg, I got a gash on my hand and a fair amount of bruises on my arms from all the violent swinging but had the funniest time.

 20140321-0370-MSKYAnd then…we had the wedding! It was the most beautiful sunny day and the location was crazy ridiculous. They had the service in the local church and the bride and groom were both looking like total babes. We then went to the farm homestead for the reception surrounded by gorgeous fields and mountains and it was just the most dreamiest setting in the world. There was also lots of champagne which is always a winner! Dinner was incredible and then we danced our asses off and crashed about trying to do the Kaylee until we stumbled onto a bus back to Wanaka.

20140321-0337-MSKY-120140321-0420-MSKY-1On Sunday we did exactly what I had dreamed of doing since I first saw photos of a Wanaka summer and went boating on the lake! We totally went on a jet boat which was mega amounts of cool and smashed about in the water and then hung out on a beach in the boiling sun and did a bit of paddle boarding and chasing geese.20140323-5544-MSKY-220140323-5639-MSKY-1On Monday we went mountain biking with team wedding family in sticky forest which was so fun! I have never mountain biked before and even though there were some hairy, almost fell off a cliff or crashed head on into a tree stump moments there were no broken bones. Then we did a skate shoot for Douche bags, the luggage brand that hooked us up with bags for the trip which Melody was shooting a brand video for. My new hobby and obsession of the year is skateboarding after having a total girl crush on Ivy from 90210 and from watching Lords of Dogtown a gazillion times. Beanie and me both took our swanky new boards all the way to NZ in the hope of actually being able to skate by the end of the trip without looking like wallys….anyway the photos make us look much cooler and better than we actually are!

20140325-5702-MSKYAfter our skate session we had a little leaving party as we were all flying home the next day…I say “we” but I outright refused to go home because I was having such an amazing time and Melody was like a crazy person and totally in love with Wanaka so we changed our flights to stay for another week….whoops!

So the next day Beanie set off back to Switzerland minus her travel buddies and I set off on a road trip for a couple of days up the west coast. The west coast was awesome, very wild and all kinds of cool places to stop on the way. New Zealand is a mental place and you just walk of a little track and suddenly theres some sort of mega amazing waterfall or turquoise pools and it all looks straight out of Lord of the rings. Most of the road trip was spent driving and playing the question game since being in the middle of nowhere pretty much all the time means there is no radio, but we went to the beach, got munched by sand flies and I did a little photo-shoot by a lake making summer rolls for our lunch.20140327-1779-MSKY


TS00109We stayed with some friends Amelia and Tom at there house on the farm in Canterbury which is beautiful. I got very over excited because Tom makes his own honey and showed me his hive box things and pulled out all the different trays so I could see how the honey was all made. It was a bit freaky as there were bees flying all around us and we didn’t exactly have bee suits on but no stings…phew! You can just stick your finger straight into the honey and it was so yummy. And this was not the only exciting thing about the farm, they also have a pet deer, pig and calf who all hang out in the field together. Funnily enough I have never hung out and stroked a deer and Mimi deer was the coolest deer ever and also kind of massive, so we had cute cuddles and then she played with Woody the dog chasing him quite aggressively but apparently lovingly! Here is a blog post on Amelia and the farm from my friend Julia’s incredible blog Studio home.



Mimi deerOn our way back to Wanaka we stopped off at some beautiful lakes and swam in one of them which was really really freezing. When we got back we headed straight to the farm to see Camilla and Tim, the new husband and wife for a bbq with the rest of the stragglers that also hadn’t gone home yet. We hung out on their porch which is stunning with incredible views and drank gin and tonics and played shooting clay targets in the garden. Then had a yummy bbq which I made my favourite sweet potato  or Kumara salad and we had venison straight off the farm which was insanely delicious.

On our last day we went on another mission with team wedding to the blue pools which are as you can imagine are very blue pools. We then hiked up for about an hour and a half bush bashing our way to the top of the forest to a big river. It would have been dreamy to sit down for a nice long picnic, but when you are covered in hungry sand flies, which I was because if your a tourist they are like magnets to you,  you kind of want to make it quick, so we wolfed down our lunch and headed back. In town we went for some drinks in the sun then took a picnic to the beach and had dinner under the stars feeling very sad that we were leaving the next day.


I was massively sad to be leaving because I had already decided that I absolutely wanted to move there and didn’t think I would be going back for a long time. However…I made the rash decision when I was back that what the heck I’m moving, so as of about 2 weeks my new home is New Zealand! I’m not going to lie I am freaking out a bit about such a big move to quite possibly the furthest place away from home but I am also unbelievably excited. My sister not so much because she thinks she will never see me again. But now Food From Flossie will be Food From Flossie and a ridiculous amazing view! Wish me luck x

New Zealand trip to Wanaka


Wahoo first blog post and I’m in blooming New Zealand!! Finally made it for a friends wedding and we are having the best time EVER!

We have been here a week now and it’s already gone mega fast.

We started off our adventures by road tripping to the Catlins to go for the hen doo which was wild! First off New Zealand is totally mental and you can be driving through one part and be like oooh it feels like I’m in England then suddenly your in a rainforest, or Scotland and then we arrived at the beach and it was exactly the same as Wales…apart form the fact that they have great whites which is pretty freaky. At the Catlins there are also dolphins, penguins and sea lions, as you can imagine I was pretty much the most excited person in the world about seeing all of these things, especially the dolphins as on my trip to Kenya in January we swam with them and all I wanted to do was become a mermaid and go swimming with them forever.

Anyway much to my massive disappointment I saw none of these cool dudes, apparently there were some dolphins out when we were surfing but since I was hanging out in the white water getting drowned and attempting to stand up…which I have totally nailed now btw, I didn’t see them…poop! And there was a little penguin called Jeff that was hanging about malting in the dunes but I didn’t see him either.

In terms of hen doos though it was pretty epic, 20 girls at the beach and I don’t know why but NZ girls are totally mental, in a good way just bonkers. Learned the best ever game that I feel like everyone needs to play it’s called Russian Roulegg. So you get a tray of eggs…boil them all apart from two and then all count down and smash one on your forehead! It was pretty typical that I got the first raw egg smashed all over my face, and it made it even better that we were running around in the moonlight in a cyclone with quite a lot of fancy dress. So that was the first couple of days of our trip!

Then to Wanaka where we are based for the rest of out time and it’s totally amazing! I am so living here at some point, the weather is pretty sweet and everywhere just looks like a post card. It’s activity central here, we missioned out to climb up to Rob Roy Glacier the other day and there were a gazillion waterfalls and incredible views. Then in the afternoon jumped on our paddle boards and pootled down the river which was up there with one of the best things I have done. The water here is crystal clear and all the trees are turning colour and it was just dreamy! I also have nailed doing headstands on the paddle board…I’m not going to lie it didn’t come easy and I fell off a lot but now I am looking like a yogi dude even though I am most definitely not.

20140318-5116-MSKY20140319-5382-MSKYSoooo that’s pretty much all the cool stuff that has happened so far..I haven’t really done any cooking as the food here is amazing..lots of health foods all over the place and raw puddings and juices so I am in heaven.

Off now on a secret mission which we have been told we need bikinis, shoes and the abbility to do bombs, uh oh! Thanks for all the photos taken by my neigbour Melody who is shooting for some magazines while we are here, and hooked us up with our lovely sponsors Mistral and Douche Bags who have given us luggage and paddle boards and water sporty clothing…thanks a bunch!

Ibiza- FIND photography workshop

Oooh I just got sent photos from my last work trip to Ibiza and boy oh boy has it made me miss the summer! I am currently sitting in my flat wearing a hat, jumper and wrist warmers, after a morning of making winter soups for the freezer brrr.

I went to Ibiza at the end of September to cook for the FIND Ibiza workshop for 20 wedding photographers from all over the world. We stayed in a beautiful villa and they spent all day taking photos with all kinds of crazy looking cameras and I cooked away in the kitchen and lay in the sun trying desperately to get the last bronzing of the year.

Thank you to Catherine Abegg for the great photos and Jonathan Canlas for flying me out to cook for you guys!