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Hi and welcome to Food from Flossie!

I’m Flossie, an English girl living in New Zealand and this is where I share my love and adventures with cooking with plenty of funny stories and made up words.

I started cooking about 7 years ago and since then it has led me on a crazy  journey, through loads of countries and their cuisines and best of all meeting lots of amazing people. In the last 5 years I have lived in England, New York, France, Switzerland and I am now based in Wanaka New Zealand after being stolen from Europe by a very funny kiwi.

Crazy healthy eating is fairly new to me after 2 years ago I got diagnosed with colon issues. I took my problems into my own hands and started reading up about nutrition and eating a very healthy diet. Now, I am not a super strong willed person and I am also a chef which means being exposed to all kinds of naughty food all the time so although I post mainly vegan, vegetarian there is a very relaxed element around it. I’m basically a wannabe vegan, with a love of honey, fish, goats cheese and the very occasional slice of steak. There I said it!

My goal is to share all kinds of delicious healthy recipes with you, swapping out all the bad stuff and putting in the good. So you can eat plenty of cake without having any of the guilt…wahoo, thats pretty much what I say everytime I take a bite anyway!

Don’t be shy to ask me any questions or give any feedback, I love to hear any comments and I will get back to you. Also I do freelance work all year so if you would like to steal me away from the South Island to cook for you or teach you a few tricks please drop me a line.

Thanks for stopping by,

Flossie xox

2 Comments About me

  1. sweetashoneynz

    I am happy to meet another NZ foodblogger with a similar food philosophy, I am not vegan, but like you after being diagnosed as a diabetic I changed my way of cooking and start learning nutrition via classes. It is a lovely blog and I am jealous of your photography :)

    1. Flossie

      Thanks so much Carine…I have come across your blog and love it, your photos are ace too and ther are silly amounts of recipes I want to try…especially the pink coconut bites and the coconut and almond crust!!


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