New Zealand trip to Wanaka


Wahoo first blog post and I’m in blooming New Zealand!! Finally made it for a friends wedding and we are having the best time EVER!

We have been here a week now and it’s already gone mega fast.

We started off our adventures by road tripping to the Catlins to go for the hen doo which was wild! First off New Zealand is totally mental and you can be driving through one part and be like oooh it feels like I’m in England then suddenly your in a rainforest, or Scotland and then we arrived at the beach and it was exactly the same as Wales…apart form the fact that they have great whites which is pretty freaky. At the Catlins there are also dolphins, penguins and sea lions, as you can imagine I was pretty much the most excited person in the world about seeing all of these things, especially the dolphins as on my trip to Kenya in January we swam with them and all I wanted to do was become a mermaid and go swimming with them forever.

Anyway much to my massive disappointment I saw none of these cool dudes, apparently there were some dolphins out when we were surfing but since I was hanging out in the white water getting drowned and attempting to stand up…which I have totally nailed now btw, I didn’t see them…poop! And there was a little penguin called Jeff that was hanging about malting in the dunes but I didn’t see him either.

In terms of hen doos though it was pretty epic, 20 girls at the beach and I don’t know why but NZ girls are totally mental, in a good way just bonkers. Learned the best ever game that I feel like everyone needs to play it’s called Russian Roulegg. So you get a tray of eggs…boil them all apart from two and then all count down and smash one on your forehead! It was pretty typical that I got the first raw egg smashed all over my face, and it made it even better that we were running around in the moonlight in a cyclone with quite a lot of fancy dress. So that was the first couple of days of our trip!

Then to Wanaka where we are based for the rest of out time and it’s totally amazing! I am so living here at some point, the weather is pretty sweet and everywhere just looks like a post card. It’s activity central here, we missioned out to climb up to Rob Roy Glacier the other day and there were a gazillion waterfalls and incredible views. Then in the afternoon jumped on our paddle boards and pootled down the river which was up there with one of the best things I have done. The water here is crystal clear and all the trees are turning colour and it was just dreamy! I also have nailed doing headstands on the paddle board…I’m not going to lie it didn’t come easy and I fell off a lot but now I am looking like a yogi dude even though I am most definitely not.

20140318-5116-MSKY20140319-5382-MSKYSoooo that’s pretty much all the cool stuff that has happened so far..I haven’t really done any cooking as the food here is amazing..lots of health foods all over the place and raw puddings and juices so I am in heaven.

Off now on a secret mission which we have been told we need bikinis, shoes and the abbility to do bombs, uh oh! Thanks for all the photos taken by my neigbour Melody who is shooting for some magazines while we are here, and hooked us up with our lovely sponsors Mistral and Douche Bags who have given us luggage and paddle boards and water sporty clothing…thanks a bunch!

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